Steering Wheel Leather Repair

I noticed the stitching had started to split on the upper part of my steering wheel. In fact, it was getting so bad that turning the wheel was uncomfortable and I was slowly making it worse every drive.

Now, I am a bit of a cheapskate and a DIYer. But, I am certainly no seamster or leather worker. I tried anyway, and I am satisfied with the results. Here are the before and after pics, and I will have a YouTube video edited up pretty soon.

I used 1mm black waxed thread and a curved needle, purchased at my local Hobby Lobby for under $8.00. About 30-45 minutes of work and it doesn’t look half bad.

Supplies I used:…Thread/p/29488…eedles/p/20655

Steps I used:

1) Use a curved heavy needle, like an upholstery needle, and about 7-10 feet of 1mm waxed thread.
2) Thread only a little through the eye as you will want to pull a single thread through. Make a small knot in the other end.
3) Using the existing holes (assuming your leather is in tact), and start UNDER the leather so your knot will hide.
4) Always bring your stitches OVER the leather (like a ‘whip’ stitch). You can push the curved needle through both sides at once, then pull it all through.
5) As you pull the first bit of thread through (where it is doubled on the needle), pull back the tension you lost before tightening that stitch.
6) When you reach the end, pull your needle back through a loop to knot it and cut it as close as possible without damaging your stitches.