Lots of upgrades/improvements

The past few days were spent on a number of things. I will have more photos added to this post as time goes on, but here is the short list:

  1. Changed the supercharger oil. Quite a task. It should be noted that if you cannot stand the smell of a dead skunk bloated in the hot Texas sun after it ate a bowl of bleu cheese, then this task is not for you. Supercharger oil stinks!
  2. In the course of changing the supercharger oil, I bumped a plastic vacuum line that was brittle and broke it. In attempt to inspect or repair it, I broke several other ones. Got new vacuum hose and replaced them.
  3. Installed the USB port in the center console. If you’re asking how I will air up the flat spare, I will be installing a port in the trunk for that.
  4. Earlier, I debadged the “Kompressor” off the trunk lid. I will have photos later, but the paint damage had already happened in the past. Outlines are present, and compounding them hasn’t helped a lot.
  5. Tinted some of the windows.
  6. Cleaned a bunch of engine bay – was pretty dusty/dirty.

I am considering wrapping instead of painting. I don’t know if this can be done without a lot of training, but I might give it a go.