Crash report 6/3/18

Sunday morning proved to be eventful for me. I got up early and decided to hand wash the SLK and give a fresh application of some spray carnauba wax. The day prior I had picked up some new side mirrors from the Wrench-A-Part and really improved the look. About 11 that morning, I decided to make a quick trip to Advance Auto Parts to pick up the yellow paint for my calipers and some Meguiar’s trim restorer spray for some of the black plastic under the hood.

I wasn’t in the store for more than 15 minutes. I came out to see that someone had backed into the front driver’s side of the bumper (and then drove off). The bumper light was shattered on the ground, there was paint scuffed off the bumper, and the wires were hanging out. Portions of the bumper were pulled out as well. A few days later the corner lamp lens would fall off while driving and be gone forever. No one around, no witnesses, and the store manager said they have no cameras facing the parking area.

So, after a few days I met with an insurance agent who promptly cut me a check for WAY less than what it should have been, even with my deductible. I decided I’m doing the repairs myself.

Thankfully, there is no major damage to the bumper aside from some small cracking near one attachment point. I’ve ordered a fiberglass repair kit for the small crack. I’ll pull the bumper and repair it, then refinish it with matching black and clear coat.

I’ve ordered all new headlights that will replace the entire setup on the front. These will surely enhance the look. Also ordered was the new bumper light. So perhaps this weekend I can begin the bumper work while I wait for the new lights to arrive the following week. I’m still ahead on the insurance claim, but I’m hoping there will be a bit left to make other improvements like the rear-view mirror and possibly painting the wheels. I’ll also do some minor plastic repair to the main front grille, as there is some cracking there.