SLK230 Blog

More parts, more repairs

So after seeing quite a bit of oil on the lower cover when I did my last oil change, I decided to chase down the leak. Pretty sure I found it when I noticed that the oil return hose coming from the oil separator (MB’s version of a PCV valve) […]

Cleaning and Plugs

Wow, what a difference a little basic maintenance makes! So I pulled the Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor and cleaned it. I also pulled the throttle body and cleaned it, it was pretty dirty. After reassembly, I mistakenly left off the vacuum line. Took me a few days to figure […]

Lots of upgrades/improvements

The past few days were spent on a number of things. I will have more photos added to this post as time goes on, but here is the short list: Changed the supercharger oil. Quite a task. It should be noted that if you cannot stand the smell of a […]